Friday, March 12, 2010

Liberals today are a joke!

I am so sick and tired of hearing the liberal mindset. When I considered myself a liberal, I was nowhere in the league of today's liberals. Today's liberals hate this country. I always loved my country. To be a liberal when I was a teen meant, that you believed in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, liberty for all. The rights of women to terminate their pregnancies if they so chose to; passing laws that would protect children, the elderly, and women from abuse; making sure we passed laws that kept our environment clean and our food safe; protecting the forests from over forestation; protecting dolphins and whales from slaughter, or animals from painful testing; protecting human rights all over the world. I joined the Dolphin Free Tuna campaign; I joined Save the Whales and Amnesty International. Before 9/11, and before the Afghan and Iraq wars were even a glimmer in the eyes of President Bush (whom I considered a total idiot, if I may add), I wrote Amnesty International about the abuses of Muslim women in the Middle East. The beatings these women endured in the streets for wearing make-up under their Burkas, or for walking out in the streets without a male relative chaperon. I remember the secret documentary a woman made in Afghanistan about the treatment of women, and how this one woman was shot in the head at a soccer field with hundreds watching, because she committed the ultimate crime: she killed a man--her abusive husband. A husband who had been beating her and her 10 children for years. Today's liberals (or Leftists), praise people like Michael Moore, who makes his fortune from lying to the masses, and worse, they believe him. I wrote Michael a long e-mail once. I dared him to interview my cousin in Florida who left for the USA in a raft, but I never heard from him. Moore does not seem to understand that Cuba has two societies: the tourists and the Cuban people. The Cuban people are second class citizens in their own country. They are prohibited from frequenting the popular tourist areas: beaches, hotels, restaurants, stores. The so-called Cuban health care system is a fraud. Cuba has two types of health care system, the good one, that cater to wealthy tourists who pay with cash, and get any treatment they seek, and the dirty, antiquidated Cuban "consultorios" and hospitals that the Gov. offers its own citizens. Liberals in this country have no clue about what it's like to live in a communist country. Let me tell you. My parents lived under Castro's regime for 7 years, and those were the good years (so to speak). For those who do not know, in a communist country there are no private businesses. Everything is run by the gov. for the people, so the gov. sets all the wages (the average monthly income for a Cuban is $15.00). However, the Gov. does provide free health care (which sucks), free housing--housing is determined by family size--individuals do not get to chose where they live; education is free and food is relatively cheap, except you are only allowed certain amounts and types of food for one's family. For instance, Cubans are given ration cards, and those cards determine how many pounds of rice, beans and proteins a family gets each month. Milk is only allowed for families with small children. By the time the youngest child reaches 10 years old, no more milk is allowed for that family. A family of four is allowed about 2 lbs. of chiken and pork a month; there is no beef. Eggs are rationed and seafood is rationed (which is pretty strange since Cuba is an island). Cuba is a complete Nanny State. The gov. takes care of you from cradle to grave. One cannot travel without permission, and one cannot even go to a store and buy a toaster, since they are usually only available in the black market. A Cuban cannot walk into a pharmacy and buy aspirins. Aspirins are a precious commodity. I know. My mom sends care packages to our family in Cuba once or twice a year, and the packages always include aspirin, toothbrush, socks, soap, antiacid, toothpaste, combs, brushes, underwares, all items that we take for granted in America. For Cubans, those items are complete luxuries. And when I see Michael Moore being used as a pawn by Cuba's Gov. for the Gov's own political gains, it makes me sick. Michael is being taken to the tourist hospitals, the ones supported by foreign money, and the Americans in this country, I wish I had that. Michael Moore is a whore to the Castros, Chavezes and oppressors of this world, and we Americans let him get away with it, while he laughs all the way to the bank. And for that, we call him a hero. God, I remember when my heros were astronauts and firefighters. What is happening to my beloved country? :/

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