Sunday, March 14, 2010

Health care bill message from a Judge in Texas....this is real!

The above is an actual post from a Judge in Texas. Please cut and paste the link, and read it. Many of the sections that the Judge has issues with are quite frightening, and a total violation of our Constitutional rights. And to make matters worse, and the unfairness of it all is, that the Health care bill will apply to all citizens (and non-citizens and illegals), but will DO not apply to the members of Congress, and you will understand why as you read the Judge's post. This bill is a travesty. Imagine our elderly parents, with curable cancers, that might be denied basic cancer treatments because of their age, but illegals to our country will benefit from this health care bill; the Gov. will have access to your bank accounts (and liberals were afraid of Bush's wire-tapping of terrorists...hah!); doctors will all be paid the same, regardless of specialty and all salaries will be set by the government (it's beginning to look more like Christm... errrr...Communism). It's your choice America. We can either live in a nanny state where the Gov. dictates our every move and takes care of us from cradle to grave, or we say backoff. I have the freedom to live the life I so chose, and the Gov. will stay out of my life, my health care decisions and my pocketbook. Americans, this is a decision of life or death, literally and figuretively.

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