Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Biosil for Thinning Hair


I can honestly confirm that it is NO fun getting old. My skin is blotchy, my hair is thinning, my face is falling, not to mention the rest of me. I am finding lumps and bumps where I didn't know could exist! However, I am beginning to fight back! I am going to the gym more regularly now (it does help), I've been hitting the dermatologist a lot, and I've found an amazing product for thinning hair, it's called Biosil. This product is nothing short of a miracle. My hair stylist recommended that I take this product, and I finally got around to buying it early this year, and OMG! I almost stopped taking the drops early on because the taste is so gawd awful, but if you mix it with juice, it's bearable. It took about 4 months to actually see results, and results I did see! One day, I was looking in the mirror and I had like a bunch of little clumps of hair sticking up (I was beginning to look like a rooster), and I am like..."what the hell?" So I went to my stylist and she said, "that is all new growth," and I am like..."what?!" And it's true. My hair has gotten so much thicker and shinier. A small bottle of Biosil liquid runs about $20-$25, but it will last 30-60 days, depending on how many people are using it, or how many drops you take. The directions are for 6 drops daily, but I've doubled it. Not sure if it helps extra 6 drops makes a difference, but overall, I am very happy with this product. :)

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