Friday, February 12, 2010

Entilement Mentality

Many of the U.S. states are broke. It is simply unsustainable for 1/2 of a population to work, while the other half sit at home and collect entitlements (such as welfare, medicaid, and other gov. assistance). Put the people to work. You want Medicaid? You want Welfare payments and Food Stamps? You want to live in subsidized housing? I am all for it, but you must give something in return. Free handouts are no longer an option. Getting up at 11 a.m., and turning on the soaps, is not going to do it. In return for my tax money you are collecting, get up and go to school. Educate yourself; if school is not an option, then, let me put you to work. You say you can't read or write? Fine. Go to the local court houses, prisons, or other other gov. agency, and start mopping floors, collecting trash, dishing out food...once people start realizing that it sucks to work for welfare assistance, they will be motivated to get a better paying job. Absent a bad economy, there is not reason in the world for an able-bodied person not to be able to work for their keep...heck, I work for my keep, and apparently yours too! How many people can the U.S. continue to support (or take in their lifeboat), until the economy completely collapses (or the boat sinks)? I guess we all are in the same boat, so it's sick or swim. I chose swim!

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